Click here for all the detailsOctober 2014 -
Now taking orders on the MOYΣIKH Hybrid power amplifier. A unique Purity Audio Design product that will please the most discriminating audiophiles. Click on the picture at left for full details.


Harmonia 300B Buffer Stage for your source components300B Tube Buffer - Now taking orders on the new Harmonia 300B tube source buffer stage. Click on photo at right for details.

 The Reference 2014 available with several upgrade path options.

August 2014- Silver Statement w/Ultra GT Power Supply review on 6-moons
Another glowing review for Purity Audio Design can now be found on 6-Moons.

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July 2014 - Clearance Sale
Original multi award winning Reference Series 1 and Basis mkII - < Details >

June 2014 - The Reference and Basis linestages now available with an optional tube power supply. <Reference> <Basis>.

The 2014 Statement Series linestage is now available. <See the details here>

The long awaited 2014 release of the latest Reference Linestage is now available. Click on the picture at right to see all the new enhancements that have been incorporated into the new 2014 design.

New 2014 models are out. See the Product Page for details.

Purity Audio is proud to bring on
Toska Audio in Mt Prospect, IL as our new Midwest representative. Visit their web site to see further details on their elaborate showroom featuring many Purity Audio Design products.

Pictured Below: Axpona 2014 - CLICK ON PICTURES FOR COVERAGE
Purity Audio Design PSE300B Ultra mono bloc amplifiers ($20,000) and the Silver Statement linestage with Ultra GT power supply ($35,000). Vapor Sound Derecho loudspeaker, Lampizator Level 7 DAC and Verastarr Reference cabling throughout. All equipment running through the Plasmatron available through VH-Audio.


In the King Sound room. Purity will be debuting the new fully balanced Harmonia 300B buffer stage ($5,495) and the latest Reference linestage ($10,995) On static display with be the new MOYΣIKH Hybrid Class D amplifier ($TBD) with 300B input buffer stage.


Another award for the Reference Linestage


Click here to visit the Toska Audio web site.
Above: Toska Audio showroom featuring the Purity PSE300B Ultra mono block amplifiers

PSE300B Ultra Mono Bloc Amplifiers
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Purity Audio Design will officially debut the Series 2 Silver Statement linestage feeding the PSE300B Ultra mono bloc amplifiers (pictured above) which will be driving Daedalus Audio loudspeakers at Axpona 2013 in Chicago. Room #926 - 9th floor

The Reference Series 2 will be debuted in the King Sound loudspeaker room with Bob Carver  Mezzanine Level - Electron - 2nd floor

Product Pricing and information for the new 2014 series of Purity Audio Design Products

Here you can compare our products helping you choose which model is best suited for your needs.

Product Comparison and Pricing

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Statement Series
The new 2014 Statement  series linestages are now available for ordering. A host of enhancements make this new enhanced version among the most versatile and desired preamps available.

Reference Linestage
The multi award winning Purity Reference linestage is now even better with new updates and enhancements for 2014. An all aluminum chassis,  HT pass-through and additional options as well as a new power supply are just a few aspects that make the Reference destined to be another classic. Full Details

Basis mk2 Linestage
The Basis mk2 now housed in an all aluminum chassis with laser etched aluminum front panel. Details





Philippines Audio Show - Nov. 11th - Purity Audio Design Statement
linestage, Bob Carver amplifiers & Daedalus Audio Ulysses speakers.
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Review - August 2012

Purity "Silver Statement" Professional Review from Dagogo - See this review and many more on our Reviews Page

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Component of Exceptional Merit
Martin DeWulf
Bound for Sound  

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Room 302 - The Voice That Is
Audio Power Labs debuted their new 50TNT Monoblock amplifiers. These 50 Watt per channel beauties were driving TIDAL Piano Diacera Speakers. Other featured products are dCS SACD Player, Aurender S10 Server, Bricasti Design M1 DAC, Purist Audio 25th Anniversary Cables and Purity Audio Design Silver Statement Preamp. Click on the banner for full reports


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