The Purity Foil Cables are a no compromise solution offering the very best in signal transfer and offered in both a Silver/Gold and high purity Copper variation. All Purity Cables are comprised of the highest quality foil available from Germany.

Purity  Cables are all hand made using a very time consuming, 5 step in-house process and utilize the highest quality materials and procedures.

Both variations of the Purity Cables provide crystal clear highs, clean and soulful midrange and rock solid, fast tight bass. Purity cables draw you into the music by correctly presenting the harmonic structure and emotion of a live performance, as well as giving you holographic imaging, detail and bass impact.

Purity SGF

Made of the highest quality silver foil with a kiss of gold. The SGF is the perfect choice for silver cable enthusiast that are looking to obtain all the traits that silver brings to the table with the additional ability to take off the very slight bite that silver cabling can have in some systems. The SGF is the perfect soul mate to both solid state and tube based systems. 

Purity CuF

The Cu is a high purity copper foil and was designed to provide a full, rich presentation while still maintaining the best in transparency, resolution and detail. Each cable is meticulously hand crafted at our New York facility providing years of reliable service.

The secret behind the black background of these cables is our proprietary damping method incorporated into the assembly process of the cable itself as well as the cable ends.

All connectors are chemically treated with CaigŪ ProGold enhancer, preservative and conditioner at time of construction.

Interconnect Cable up to 1M 1.5M 2M
Purity CuF $569 $679 $759
Purity SGF - available early 2012 $1079 $1439 $1769

Please contact us for lengths longer than 2M

Save 10% off the price of the cables above when purchased with a Purity Audio Design linestage

Due to the unsteady cost of precious materials, prices subject to change without notice.

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